Saturday, May 6, 2017

Painting Yellowwood Lake in Oil (2)

Expanding Your Artistic Horizons Series

Painting Session 2
Date: 05/02/2017
Subject: Yellowwood Lake Brown County Indiana
Medium: Oil on Paper
Link to prior sessions: Session 1.

End of Session 2 Photo
In my own opinion, correct values are one of the fundamentals that are lacking in my paintings so in session 2 I worked to achieve the right shift in values. I painted another layer of blue sky and added more white and shadows to the clouds. Also, I worked on reflections in the water and continued to refine the trees and grass. The paper is relative smooth so the paint glides nicely over the paper. As I mentioned before I tend to paint in thin layers building up the painting over time. I like how you can spread the paint out over the paper, resulting in a very smooth painting. Even with gesso board, you have to be careful and smooth out any brush strokes to achieve a smooth look., This effect seems a little easier on paper. So far the one thing that seems to be different is the ability to blend the paint, not sure if this because the paint soaks into the layers quicker or for some other reason.

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