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Jacob Cox

Artist: Jacob Cox
Birth: November 9, 1810
Birth City: Philadelphia, Pa
Death: 1892
Burial: Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, In.
Marriage: Nancy Baird
Children: Margaret Jane Cox

Biography of Jacob Cox Artist SummarySubject Matter: Landscapes, Portraits, Still Life's
Art Associations:
Jacob Cox early years
Jacob Cox was born in Philadelphia but tragically both of his parents drowned when Jacob was a young boy.  His mother was drowned when he was eight years old in a ferry-boat accident on the Delaware river. His father met a similar fate two years later when the boat he was on sunk in mobile bay. After his fathers death the children went to live with an aunt and uncle in Washington, PA. Jacob was married at the age of twenty and along with his brother Charles took a boat in 1833 to Cincinnati where they went by wagon to Indianapolis, In. Once in Indianapolis he opened a stove, tinware and coppersmith business which provided study income. Jacob always was interested in art an was not unti…

Society of Western Artist Seventh Exhibition 1903

List of Indiana Artist and Entry's for The Seventh Annual Exhibition of the Society of Western Artist Held at the Art Institute of Chicago from January 15th  to January 28th, 1903 John Ottis Adams - 8 Hartford Block, Indianapolis "The iridescence of a shallow stream"
"The somber gloom of the hills"
"Morning on the farm"
Winfred Adams - The Hermitage, Brookville, In. Still Life Clarence L. Ball - South Bend, In "After the rain"
John Elwood Bundy - Richmond, In "An autumn morning" "A ray of sunshine" "A shaded nook" William Forsyth - 938 Fletcher avenue, Indianapolis, In "A cornfield, autumn morning" "From the beech woods" "The ford" "At the town end" "A girls head" watercolor Jessie Hamilton - Clinton Street, Fort Wayne, In. "Master Donald Detzer" Bessie Hendricks - 74 Woodruff Place, Indianapolis, In. "I loe na a Laddie but Ane" Emma King - 3…

Painting a Bobwhite Quail in mixed media (2)

Painting Session 2 Date: 12/12/2017 Subject: Bobwhite Quail Medium: Mixed Media (Watercolor, Gouache, Ink) Paper: Canson: 90lb traditional surface watercolor paper Watercolors used: French Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Brilliant Yellow, Winsor Red Gouache: Zinc White, Naples Yellow, Indian Yellow, Yellow Light, Ultramarine Blue Ink: Prismacolor fine blank ink permanent marker
During session two I spent time working on the overall details of the painting.  The head of the quail is painted with watercolor and I incorporated small strokes of black ink to add detail to the dark portion that runs from the beak down to the neck. Also added some ink at the end of the tail. The rest of the bird is still all in watercolor, with a lot of work still to do. I may add in some gouache where I want the features to be more opaque. I darkened the sky but I was a little unhappy with the results so added in zinc white gouache for some clouds May add some more gouache in the sky to bring out more detail but haven&…


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