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Painting An Eastern Bluebird In Acrylic (2)

Expanding Your Artistic Horizons Series

Painting Session 2
Date: 08/18/2017
Subject: Eastern Blue Bird on Bittersweet Branch
Medium: Acrylic
Colors Used In This Session:  Titanium White, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Cad Red Light, Golden Ochre, Burnt Sienna
Surface: Crescent Hot Press 200 Illustration Board, Cream Surface
Link to previous sessions Session 1

Hard to believe it has been almost four weeks since I worked on the first session of the Eastern Bluebird. I have had other obligations and continue to spend most of my time on a few oil paintings. I like to work on the Expanding Your Artistic Horizons Series because it is a nice break from Oil painting and is a chance to try something new. I spent most of this session trying to achieve a more realistic looking bird. But after comparing the end of session 1 photo to the session 2 photo I am not sure I made a lot of progress. Trying to achieve some sense of volume in the bird's body is a challenge with Acrylic. What seems like an almost instantaneous drying time continues to give me issues. Unless there is a medium I have not tried that will slow the process down, I am going to have to try other techniques to achieve the results I want. I have not tried using the Acrylic Retarder on this painting  because I could not see much of a difference on the last painting. I still wonder if it was more the paper absorbing the paint so may try again in the next session. During this session, I used small brush strokes and varied the values of the paint to try to get a more rounded body in the bird. I also started to detail the features and worked more on the husks and berries. I have a lot more work to do on the bird and berries before I am satisfied. I do like the smoothness of the illustration board as a surface to paint on and how the paint flows across the board. I like it much better then the paper I used when painting the Pileated Woodpecker.

End of Painting Session 1
End of Painting Session 1
End of Painting Session 2
End of Painting Session 2

Close-up of Bluebird
Close-up of Bluebird

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2017 93rd Annual Hoosier Salon Exhibition

2017 93rd Annual Hoosier Salon Exhibition
2017 93rd Annual Hoosier Salon Exhibition
The Hoosier Salon moved back to the Indiana State Museum for this year's exhibition. Judges Sherrie McGraw and Jim Wodark selected a wide range of medium and subject matter that reflects the historic significance of the Salon and its past. As always the work submitted by the artists is extremely well done and Hoosier Salon makes an excellent venue to showcase their talent. Art lovers and those just wanting to experience art on a casual basis should put the annual Hoosier Salon on their list of the exhibitions to attend each year. C. W. Mundy took this years Best of Show award of $5,000 for his oil painting titled "Emily in the Black Hat with Veil". The  Jurors’ Prize of Distinction worth $2,500 in prize money went to A. Cassia Margolis for a Gouache painting titled "Portrait of Margey’s Son". Rena Brouwer received $1,500 for the Jurors Award of Merit for a watercolor titled "Fragile Grace"

$1,000 Artist Awards

Best Portrait awarded to Carlene M. Brown for an oil painting titled "Jungle Morning."
Best Figure awarded to Steve Dodge for an oil painting titled "Visions of My Ancestors."
Best Non-Traditional Landscape awarded to Beth Forst oil painting titled "Purple, Purple Who Need Purple."
Best Traditional Landscape awarded to Lisa H. VanMeter for Serigraph titled "Winter Conifers."
Best Non-Objective CompositionMade possible awarded to Bruce Moore for a Watercolor on Yupo titled "Animalia and Us."
Best Watercolor awarded to Terry Armstrong for a watercolor titled "Winter’s Stillness."
Best Oil Painting awarded to Diane Lyon for an oil painting titled "Brass and Pomegranate."
Best Still Life awarded to C.W. Mundy for an oil painting titled "Roses."
Best Work on Paper awarded to Bruce Neckar for an oil titled "Black Lab."

$750 Artist Awards

Best Sculpture awarded to Estella J. Fransbergen for a clay sculpture titled "Ocean"
Best Ceramic awarded to Joe Rohrman for a stoneware titled "Before the Colonel"

$500 Artist Awards

Outstanding Portrait awarded to Christine Patten for a watercolor titled "The Giver."
Outstanding Figure awarded to Susan Mauck for an oil titled "Bleu Silk"
Outstanding Cityscape awarded to Wyatt LeGrand for an oil painting titled "Inauguration Day."
Outstanding Traditional Landscape awarded to C.W. Mundyforan oil painting titled "Williams Creek, Just Before Sunset."
Outstanding Plein Air Painting awarded to Forrest Formsma for an oil painting titled "Farmers’ Market."
Outstanding Non-Traditional Medium awarded to Sarah L. Luginbill for an Acrylic batik titled "A Wrinkle in Time."
Outstanding Print awarded to Lisa H. VanMeter for a woodblock print titled "Crash."
Outstanding Non-Objective Composition awarded to Jerome C. Harste for a mixed water media  titled "Jericho."
Outstanding Watercolor awarded to J. Anna Roberts for a watercolor titled "The Visitor."
Outstanding Oil Painting awarded to Dan Bulleit for an oil painting titled "Princess with a Pink Bow."
Outstanding Sculpture awarded to Michael McAuley for an Hydrocal plaster sculpture titled "C.S. Lewis"
Hydrocal plaster
Outstanding Work on Paper awarded to Alan Larkin for a Graphite titled "The Major Arcana: The Empress."
Outstanding Pastel awarded to Bruce Neckar for a pastel titled "Fox"
Outstanding Drawing awarded to Charlene M. Brown for a Charcoal titled "Eye of the Storm."
Award for First Time Exhibitor awarded to Mejo Okon for an Oil and gold leaf titled "Redi-Mix."
Hoosier Salon Director’s Choice awarded to Lawrence Rudolech for an Oil titled "Rivers Edge Sporting Goods."

$300 Artist Awards

Award for Oil Painting awarded to Karen A. Graeser for an oil painting titled "Day is Done."
Award for Oil Paintingawarded to Fred Doloresco for an oil painting titled "Harvest."
Award for Oil Painting awarded to "Mark Ratzlaff" for an oil titled "HWY 446, Summer’s End"
Award for Watercolor awarded to Kristina M. Knowski for a watercolor titled "Falling Eminence."
Award for 3D Work awarded to Benjamin Johnson for a Glass work titled "Patchwork."
Award for 3D Work awarded to Lisa Pelo for Blown Glass work titled "Added to Fall."
Award for Non-Traditional Landscape awarded to "David M. Seward" for an oil titled "Willows and Waterlilies."
Award for Pastel awarded to "Carol Strock Wasson" for a Pastel titled "Lingering Snow #2."
Award for Drawing awarded to Stephanie P. Thomson for a Charcoal titled "Be Ye Not Fooled."

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Painting a Wren in Gouache (3)

Expanding Your Artistic Horizons Series

Painting Session 3

Date: 08/03/2017
Subject: Wren on A Dogwood Branch
Medium: Gouache on Illustration Board
Colors Used In This Session:  Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Zinc White, Alizarin Crimson, Lemon Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Lamp Black
Links to Painting Sessions: 

Wren on Dogwood Branch Session 3
End of Session 3 
I spent about four hours during this session painting all of the elements in the picture. Gouache seems difficult to get used to when most of your experience is using oils. James Gurney wrote a blog post titled "The Seven Gouache Hazards and How to Escape Them."  I would suggest anyone new to gouache read the post as it will help you better understand the properties of this medium. One of the tips from James in his article I learned first-hand today. "New layers reactivate previous layers of paint"  James suggests in his post to lay down transparent layers and build up to opaques. In the second session I laid down a more transparent layer but in this session started to build up opaques. I quickly learned it does not take much to reactivate the layers. And there is a fine line between how much water to incorporate in the paint, the more water the quicker the layers reactivate. I spent a lot of time painting the far left dogwood flower trying to get used to the paint and blend it as much as possible. That's easier said than done, from what I have read you want a slightly damp brush and slowly blend the layers, but too much water and the lower layer reactivates. Eventually, I was able to get the flower close to the way I wanted but I have work to do on the others. I am also struggling a little to get variations in values on the leaves so they look somewhat real. As for the Wren, I am slowly adding details and trying to get the colors correct. I will continue to refine the whole painting in the next session.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

2017 Indiana Heritage Arts 39th Exhibition and Sale

Sixty One artists representing 101 paintings was juried into this years Indiana Heritage Arts Exhibition. The exhibition opened on June 10, 2017, and ran through July 1, 2017. This year's judge Lori Putnam is a Nashville Tennessee native and is plein air and studio painter. She had the tough job of deciding which paintings were juried into this year's show. She said "this is perhaps one of the hardest exhibitions I have ever had to judge" This year's show had a wide variety of subject matter that resulted in a well-rounded exhibition. It also demonstrates the wide variety of artistic talent entering the show. The Indiana Heritage Arts Exhibition in Nashville Indiana should be on everyone lists of must see exhibitions in Indiana.

List of Artist Receiving Awards

IHA Gold Award · $5000

First Prize went to Fred Doloresco for a painting title "Snow Vestured Story."

IHA Silver Award · $3000

Second Prize went to Dan Bulleit for a painting titled "Dancing in the Shadows."

IHA Bronze Award · $2000

Third Prize went to C. W. Mundy for a painting titled "Cap Ferrat, France."

Directors’ Purchase Award

Fred Doloresco for painting titles "Snow Vestured Story."

People’s Choice Award · $500

Dan Bulleit for a painting titled "Dancing in the Shadows."

Awards of Excellence  IHA Ribbon · $1000

Steve Dodge for a painting titled "Navaho Weaver."
C. W. Mundy for a painting titled "Roses."
David Dale for a painting titled "Asleep."
Dan Woodson for a painting titled "Brown County Shade."

Memorial Awards of $500

Frederick W. Rigley Memorial Award went to Libby Whipple for a painting titled "The Potter’s Shed."
T. C. Steele Memorial Award went to Roy Boswell for a painting titled "Autumn’s Embrace."
Ada Shulz Memorial Award went to Char Brown for a painting titled "Little Miss Sunshine."

Memorial Awards of $300

C. Curry Bohm Memorial Award went to Dale Popovich for a painting titled "Snowy Spring Runoff."
Carl Graf Memorial Award went to Lawrence Rudolech for a painting titled, "Morning Walk."

Memorial Awards of $250

John “Abe” Eyed Memorial Award went to Jerry Smith for a painting titled, "Trackside Loogootee."
Margaret Colglazier Memorial Award - Impressionistic Oil went to Kathy Blankenheim for a painting titled "Snow on the Circle."
Taylor English Memorial Award went to Bruce Neckar for a painting titled "Field Ready."
Will Vawter Memorial Award went to Karen Graeser for a painting titled "Moonlight Meditation."
Ronald O. Elkins Memorial Award went to Wyatt Legrand for a painting titled "Twenty-Nine."
Adolph Shulz Memorial went to Tim Greatbatch for a painting titled "Play of the Water."

Merit Awards of $500

Talbot Street Art Fair, Inc. Merit Award went to Luke Buck for a painting titled "Magnolia Oak."
Indiana Plein Air Painters Merit Award went to Donna Shortt for a painting titled "Twelfth Night."
Hoosier Salon Merit Award went to Mark Burkett for a painting titled "In the Morning."

List of Artists Juried Into the Show


Kathy Blankenheim, Andrea Bojrab, William Borden, Roy Boswell, Jeffery Bottom, Eric Brock, Rebecca Brody, Rena Brouwer, Char Brown, Charlene Brown, Lue Buck, Ken Bucklew, Dan Bulleit, Ron Birgess, Mark Burkett, Judy Burst


Wayne Cambell, Kevin Carlson, Jodie Cole


David Dale, Steve Dodge, Fred Doloresco, Jed Dorsey, Lynn Dunbar


Stephen Edwards


Charlene George, Karen Graeser, Bruce Gray, Time Greatbatch, Chris Griffen-Woods


Thomas Himsel, Lynn Lynch Hughes, Corrine Hull


Bill Inman


Troy Kilgore, Jeff Klinker


Wyatt LeGrand, Judith Lewis, Diane Lyon


Cassia Margolis, Jeanne McLeish, C. W. Mundy, 


Bruce Neckar, Pam Newell, Chris Newlund


Maureen O'Hare Pesta, Dale Popovich


Mark Ratzlaff, Cheri Rol, Lawrence Rudolech, Douglas Runyan


Nancy Shake, Donna Shortt, Jerry Smith


Elizabeth Von Der Lohe


Carrol Strock Wasson, Libby Whipple, Rick Wilson, Marilyn Witt, Dan Woodson, Tom Woodson 

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