Thursday, July 20, 2017

T. C. Steele Studio Centennial Party

T. C. 100th Studio Birthday Cake
T. C. 100th Studio Birthday Cake
The T. C. Steele State Historic site celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Steele's building the dream studio in 1916. The studio which is the large barn studio on the grounds of the historic site provided the artist with gallery space and large north facing windows creating ideal indoor lighting for the artist.

As part of the celebration, storyteller Lou Ann Homan presented a story based on the Steele's life. Lou Ann told a 60 minute story from the perspective of the three women in the artist's life, his first wife Libby, daughter Daisy and his second wife Selma. The large crowd in the studio was captivated by Lou Ann's ability to make you feel as if you were hearing the story directly from the women. The focus of the story was the love the women had for Steele and their undying support in helping him further his career and become the most well know of the Indiana artists of his time. It was was an hour well spent for those who are interested in the history of Indiana art and the most famous artist of the Hoosier Group.

After Lou Ann finished, the attendees were able to celebrate the occasion with birthday cake, ice cream and lemonade provided by the State Historic Site.  The second part of the celebration was the release of the 50th anniversary edition of the "House of the Singing Winds". Rachel Berenson Perry gave a presentation based on the new essay of Selma's life which is included in the new edition. As in past presentations and through her books, Rachel provided a lot of good information and insight into the life of Selma and the Steeles. For those who have not visited the T.C Steele State Historic site it is well worth the trip to Brown County Indiana to tour the grounds, house and studio.

Lou Ann Homan Storyteller
Lou Ann Homan Storyteller

Rachel Berenson Perry Presentation
Rachel Berenson Perry

T. C. Steele Paint Box

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