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Jackson's Indiana Art Auction Results & Prices September 7, 2014

An Outstanding Ada Shulz Painting sells for $55,000 in Indianapolis Auction

The 2014 September 7th art auction at Jacksons auction gallery in Indianapolis Indiana provided an exceptional selection of art. Not only were there a number of well-known artists represented, but a large number of pieces in every price range.

Ada Shulz Painting $55,000
Ada Shulz Painting
An outstanding painting by the sought after Ada Shulz, (1870 to 1928) was offered as the first lot of the auction. Ada Schulz was born in Terre Haute Indiana and graduated from Shortridge high school in Indianapolis. She entered the Art Institute of Chicago in 1889 studying there for 4 years. She also expanded her artistic talent while studying in Paris at the Academie Witti when Ada and Adolph while there in 1894. Ada was well known for painting the people of Brown County. The painting offered at the auction depicting a woman sitting on a bed with what appears to be an Indian or Mexican-style blanket was an excellent representation of her work. The 32 x 36 oil on canvas, signed in the lower right was estimated to sell for $50,000 to $100,000 with a final bid price of $55,000.

Very seldom do you see a William Merritt Chase (1849 to 1916) painting come up for auction in Indianapolis, In., but this was one of those rare occasions. William, born in Nineveh, Indiana became a highly recognized impressionist painter and teacher of his time. The portrait of a woman measured 23 x 19 and was signed in the upper left of the painting, reaching a final bid of $15,000.

Another artist that is rarely seen at auction is Frederick Ebbeson Grue who died at the age of 44 in 1994. Grue was a self-taught artist and moved to Indiana in 1983. He was well known for his still life's reminiscent of the Flemish masters. Offered for auction was an 8.5 x 11 oil on board landscape signed lower right '87 that went to the final bidder for $14,000.

William McKendree Snyder Painting $3,000
William McKendree Snyder Painting
There were two paintings available for purchase by the Civil War POW William McKendree Snyder (1849 to 1930).  Born in Liberty Indiana in 1949, William along with his minister father enlisted in the Union Army in 1861.  At only 12 years old William entered the army as a drummer boy but was captured and sent to the Andersonville prisoner of war camp. After the war, William studied with Cincinnati artist Inesco Williams. He moved to Madison Indiana and became well known for his Indiana landscapes and paintings of Indiana Beach trees. Heavily influenced by the Hudson River School, Snyder studied with artist Albert Bierstadt, George Inness and William Morris Hunt and worked to achieve realism in his work. Measuring 28x40, the first and best painting of the two reached a final bid of $3,000. The second painting by William was also a landscape, measured 19 x 33 but had some condition issues and brought $1,000.

Gustave Baumann (1881 to 1971) began his career in early 1900 in Nashville, later moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico to produce some of his best work. The well-known woodblock artist will have a dedicated gallery once the Brown County Art Gallery in Nashville Indiana completes their "Expanding the Legend" fund drive to start the expansion of the gallery.  A nice representation of his work was offered to bidders with a final sale price of $6,000.

Indiana Art Values
September 7th, 2014 auction values provided by Indiana Art Online

George LaChance, 20x24, O/C, SLR, Landscape sold for $1,750
Adolph Shulz, 20x24, O/B, SLL, Landscape sold for $4,500
William Forsyth, 21x15, WC, SLR '96, Landscape sold for $4,000
Dale Bessire, 24x30, O/C SLL, Landscape sold for $1,500
Glen Cooper Henshaw, 24x18, Pastel, SLR '14, Self-Portrait sold for 1,050
Harold Hancock, 22x28, O/B, SLL, Landscape sold for $400
William Eyden Jr., 24x36, O/C, SLR, Landscape sold for $450

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