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2015 Indiana Heritage Arts 37th Exhibition and Sale

Forrest Formsma wins $5,000 first prize at 37th IHA Exhibition

The 37th Annual Indiana Heritage Arts Exhibition opened to the public on June 6th, 2015 at the Brown County Art Gallery in Nashville Indiana. James Richards of Atlanta, GA was selected to judge the paintings submitted by this year's artists. Seventy artists and 123 works of art were juried into the show this year making the artist eligible for prize money and awards.

This year's First Prize Gold Award of $5000 was awarded to Forrest Formsma for a 30" x 40" oil painting titled "Spring Carriage Ride". C. W. Mundy took the $3000 Second Prize Silver Award for his 30" x 40" oil painting titled "Point Lobos, California Coast". Diane Lyon won two awards this year for her 24" x 24" oil painting titled "Peonies". She secured the Third Prize Bronze Award of $2000 and the Directors purchase award that places her painting in the Indiana Heritage Arts permanent collection.

Awards of Excellence of $1,000

Tom Woodson, 20" X 24" Oil painting titled "Three Cows in the Shade"
Chris Newlund, 20" X 30" Oil on Linen titled "Sunrise, Moonset"
John Reynolds, 9" X 12" Oil painting titled "The Artist"
Jeanne McLeish,  21" X 21"  Watercolor titled  "In Fox Ravine"

Memorial Award of $500

Thomas Himsel, 24" X 30" oil painting titled "Culture Shock"  received the Fred W. Rigley Memorial Award
Ken Bucklew, 30" X 36" oil painting titled "Redbuds In Bloom" received the T. C. Steele Memorial Award
Fred Doloresco, 36" X 40" oil painting titled "Morning Hike" received the Ada Shulz Memorial Award

Memorial Award of $350

Jeff Klinker, 20" X 36" oil painting titled "Bear Creek Winter" received the Curry Bohm Memorial Award

Memorial Award of $300

Larry Rudolech, 18" X 24" oil painting titled "Not Just a Bridge" received the Carl Graf Memorial Award

Memorial Award of $250

John Michael Carter, 16" X 10" oil painting titled "Arles Street" received the John "Abe" Eyed Memorial Award
Lynn Dunbar, 8" X 16" oil painting titled "Snow Before Dawn" received the Margaret Colglazier Memorial Award - Impressionistic Oil
Jerry Smith, 24" X 30" oil painting titled  "Building Blocks" received the VJ Caiani Memorial Award
Mark Burkett, 15" X18" Woodcut Print titled "Dunes"  received the Taylor English Memorial Award
Wyatt LeGrand, 48" X 48" oil painting titled  "Should Lanterns Shine"  received the Will Vawter Memorial Award
Dale Popovich, 10.5" X 13.5" watercolor titled "Rapids Below Hatcher's Pass, Alaska" received the Ronald O. Eklins Memorial Award
Dan Woodson, 20" X 30" oil painting titled  "Fall in the Shade" received the Adolph Shulz Memorial Award

Merit Award of $250

Joel Knapp, 6" X 8" oil painting titled "Grey Day" received the Indiana Plein Air Painters Merit Award
Charlene Brown, 12" X9" Graphite titled "William" received the Hoosier Salon Merit Award

Artists Juried Into the Indiana Heritage Arts Show


William Blahunk, Kathy Blankenheim, Andrea Bojrab William Borden, Roy Boswell, Charlene M. Brown, Luke Buck, Ken Bucklew, Dan Bulleit, Ron Burgess, Mark Burkett, JoAnne Burkhard J.A. Burst, Susan Byerley


Wayne E. Campbell, John Michael Carter, Michael Chelich


Mary Ann Davis, Steve Dodge, Fred Doloresco, Lynn Dunbar


Robert Eberle


W. David Fields, Forrest Formsma, Beth Forst, Suzy Friedman, Jodie Friend


Don Geyra, Gerrie Govert, Tim Greatbatch, Mary Gretsinger


Randall Scott Harden, Alice Harpel, Tricia Hillenburg, Thomas A. Himsel


Bill Inman


Brian C. Johnson


Troy Kilgore, Jeff Klinker, Joel Knapp


Gene LaRue, Wyatt LeGrand, Judith S. Lewis, Diane Lyon


Ronald Mack, Jeanne McLeish, C. W. Mundy


Bruce Neckar, Chris Newlund, James Oblack


Dale Popdovich


Todd Reifers, John Reynolds, Patricia Rhoden Bartels, Thom Robinson, Lawrence Rudolech, Douglas Runyan


Linda Sage, Beth Clary Schwier, David M. Seward, Donna Shortt, Jerry Smith, Hattie StantonCarol Strock


Carol Strock Wasson, Wayne Waldron, Katie G. Whipple, Susi Williams, Marilyn Witt, Dan Woodson, Tom Woodson

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