Carey Cloud

Birth: 1899, Warren, IN.
Death: 11-11-1984
Known For:

Associations:  American Artist Professional League of New York, American Artist League of Tampa, FL, Brown County Art Gallery Association from 1949-1984

Carey Cloud was basically a self-taught artist
When he was young he worked at a shoe company in Marion, IN for 10 dollars a week making shoes for the soldiers.
Saved enough money to take correspondence courses in Cartooning and Illustration.
At 19 started his art career at the Cleveland Press working in advertising.
Became director for a calendar and greeting card company.
Carey and his family spent summers in Brown County Indiana.
While working and living in Chicago they never forgot Brown County and eventually purchased Adolph Shulz’s studio property.
Unfortunately, during the depression, they were forced to sell the property and leave Brown County.
Designed many of the Cracker Jack toys and held several patents.

1. M. Joanne Nesbit and Barbara Judd - Those Brown County Artists - "The Ones Who Came, the Ones Who Stayed, The Ones Who Moved On 1900 - 1950" - Nanna's Books 1993


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