Leota Loop

Birth: 10-26-1893 Fountain City, IN
Death:  09-09-1961 Indianapolis, IN
Married: Glen Loop and after his death Charles Jewell
Known For: Floral Still Lifes

Associations:  Indiana Artists Club, Hoosier Salon, Kokomo Art Students League, American Artist Professional League,  Brown County Art Gallery Association

Awards:  Purchase Prize 1941, Artists League of Northern Indiana Exhibition 1929 First Prize for Flower Painting and Popular Prize, Purchase Prize 1930, First Prize Flowers and Oils 1946, Margaret Bridwell Memorial Prize 1939, Second Prize Flowers and Oil 1946, Second Prize Flowers and Oil 1953


Studied under William Forsyth, T. C. Steele, Randolph Coats
Leota used chicken feathers as her first paint brushes
Sold her first sketch at 10, the surveyor working outside her home bought it for a dollar
Lived in Kokomo from 1893 to 1938
Moved to Brown County, Nashville, IN in 1938 and lived there until her death in 1961
Taught Painting Women’s Department Club in Kokomo and also taught in her Hill’s O’ Brown School of Painting for Women in Nashville


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