Georges LaChance

Birth: 10-13-1888 Utica, New York
Death:  6-23-1964, Bloomington, IN.
Married:  Sally
Known For: landscape featuring farm life

Associations: Hoosier Salon, Brown County Art Gallery Association, Charter Member of the Brown County Art Guild



Inspired at an early age when visiting the art museum at the Saint Louis Worlds fair in 1904
Dropped out of school at age 15 taking a job sailing on a schooner
Entered the St. Louis School of Fine Art at 21 but never finish and was mainly self-taught
Opened a photography studio in Vincennes IN. living there for nine years
During the depression years, Jack had to exchange some of his paintings for groceries
Lived in a cabin on Cheerful Hill in Brown County
Jack visited Brown County regularly during the late 1920’s and moved there permanently around 1931
Popular among the men in the area due to his weekly poker games at his cabin that included smoking cigars and drinking whiskey
He painted to get by, but once told a reporter “the place is so pleasant for loafing you're likely to forget work
Spent two years painting murals in the Nashville House restaurant which was later destroyed by fire
Receive many commissions for portrait work
Lived in Brown County for nearly 30 years

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