Evelynne Mess Daily

Birth:  January 8, 1903
Death:  2003
Married: George Jo Mess, Edward R Daily
Known For: Printmaking, Landscapes

Associations: Indiana Artist Club, Indiana Federation of Art Clubs, The Society of Arts and Letters, The Indiana Society Of Print Making, Brown County Art Gallery Association, Hoosier Salon, Fontainbleau School of Fine Arts in France



Studied at the John Herron Art Institute, Butler University in Indianapolis, School of Painting in the Adirondacks and Printmaking at the Art Institute of Chicago
Taught her husband George printmaking, he originally started out as a painter
Evelynne founded the Society of Printmakers in 1934
Moved to Chicago from Indianapolis in 1937 where George got a job supervising art reproduction for a magazine
Her husband George died in 1962 after a 20 year long battle with cancer
After his death, she moved to Brown County to the land they purchased in 1942 and started the Arts and Crafts summer school located at Ox Bow acres on clay lick road
The school operated from 1967 to 1980
Married Edward Daily around 1968

1. M. Joanne Nesbit and Barbara Judd - Those Brown County Artists - "The Ones Who Came, the Ones Who Stayed,2. Skirting The Issue – Stories of Indiana’s Historical Women Artist by Judith Vale Newton and Carol Ann Weiss 2004 Indiana Historical Society Press


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