Dale Philip Bessire

Birth: 5-14-1892, Columbus, Ohio
Death: 1-5-1974
Married: Ruth

Associations: Honorary member of Indiana Artists Club, Member of the Hoosier Salon, Hoosier Salon Patrons Association, Chicago Galleries Association, Florida Federated Art Clubs, Charter Member of the Brown County Art Gallery Association, Charter Member of the Brown County Art Guild

Awards: Century of Progress Exhibition Chicago 1933, Hoosier Salon 1939, Indiana Artist Club 1945, Florida Federated Art Show 1940, Daughters of Indiana Prize 1931, Governor gates Purchase Award 1945


Took art and painting courses while studying business at the University of Chicago
Worked in his father’s business after graduation
Walked to Nashville from Indianapolis in 1910 with a friend and became hooked on Brown County
Moved to Brown county with Ruth and son in 1914 living in a rented cabin
Purchased a 30-acre apple orchard north of Nashville
Bessire did not take up painting until around 1920 after the children were in school
Spent time learning from T.C. Steele, Lucie Hartrath, Ada Walter Shultz and Homer Davisson
After a spring freeze destroyed his crop he painted every day that summer
Had his first major exhibit  in Indianapolis
Was one of the first artist excepted to the Hoosier Salon exhibition in Chicago 1924
Organized the first Spring blossom festival in 1929
His paintings were very popular out selling his colleagues
Ruth reported that one year his income from painting was $10,000

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