Arthur Humpal

Birth: 11-11, 1902 Chicago, IL
Known For:



Dropped out of high school, attend Art Institute of Chicago for six months
Arthur and his brother Frank first visited Brown County in the 20’s when invited by a friend to a cabin on Weedpatch Hill
Bought five acres with a cabin in Brown County in 1927
Lived in Nashville when there were no sidewalks
Besides painting Art liked to coon hunt with his dog and pan for gold in the streams around Brown County
Art was not a member of the Brown County Art Gallery Association because he did not agree with the 20 percent commission.

1. M. Joanne Nesbit and Barbara Judd - Those Brown County Artists - "The Ones Who Came, the Ones Who Stayed, The Ones Who Moved On 1900 - 1950" - Nanna's Books 1993


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