Ada Shulz

Biography of Indiana Artist Ada Walter Shulz

Birth: 10-21-1870 Terre Haute, Indiana
Death: 5-4-1928, Nashville, In.
Married: Adolph Robert Shulz 1894
Known For: Painting of children

Associations: Chicago Cordon Club, Chicago Society of Artist, Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors, Artist Guild of Chicago, Indiana Artist Club, Charter Member of the Brown County Art Gallery Association

Awards:  Hoosier Salon 1926, 1928, 1930, 1932, 1935, Chicago Young Fortnightly, 1896, Fredricks Grover 1898, Chicago Municipal Art League 1908, Milwaukee Art Institute 1918 and the Nelson Vance 1937


Began Drawing at Shortridge High School
Was friends with the son and daughter of T. C. Steele
Ada posed for one of Steele's painting while on a trip to Crawfordsville, In.
Studied at the Art Institute of Chicago for 4 years
Met Adolph on a Vanderpoel-Bontwood sketching class to Delavan Wisconsin
Went to Paris-after marring Adolph they went to Paris to study
Ada studied at the Academie Witti in Paris
In the spring went to Munich to work out of their own studio where their son was born in June 1895
After returning to the States, Ada did not do much painting due to taking care of the family
She took up painting again in 1906
Moved permanently to Brown County in 1914
Divorced Adolph in 1926

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